Our statement

The Whitewashed project is self-financed by a small group of concerned individuals. It includes a film and a book, focusing on antisemitism in the Labour Party, which many hoped (rather optimistically it transpired) would be properly addressed by the Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry. There are contributions from a range of people, many of whom are staunch Labour Party members and who wrote individual submissions to Shami Chakrabarti. They now feel that they were simply not taken into account in her report.

We do not think enough has been done by the Labour Party to root out antisemitism in its midst. There is much misunderstanding, in particular about the relationship between hostility to Israel and antisemitism. Too often those who are concerned about the issue are misrepresented as people who are driven by hostility to the Palestinians or to the left; we say there should be no contradiction between opposing antisemitism, being for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and being on the left.

We very much hope that you will watch the short film and read the book to see why so many Jews in Britain today feel bewildered, alienated and increasingly frightened by this prejudice. You can view the film and order the book on this web site.

The film has received many thousands of views since its recent launch via YouTube, and press in the UK, the USA and Israel have carried stories. In addition we continue to receive personal statements telling us how The Whitewashed Project is opening minds; "This is the way to combat the vile and continuing poison of Anti-Semitism - openly, fearlessly and honourably".

Baroness Ruth Deech calls Whitewashed 'ground-breaking'.

From the House of Commons Select Committee Antisemitism in the UK, October 2016

Baroness Ruth Deech: "The Chakrabarti Inquiry failed the test of intellectual self- examination and marked the moment when antisemitism in the Labour Party and, inevitably, in wider society, ceased to be a matter for censure."

Richard Gold: "Writing this report is demeaning, it feels as if I have to grovel to simply play a part in getting the Labour Party to combat the problem of anti-Semitism. This shouldn't be needed, Jews shouldn't have to feel like this, in the Labour Party of 2016."

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