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Booker Prize winning author, Howard Jacobson, was in conversation with David Hirsh to launch "The Whitewashed Project: Antisemitism in the Labour Party." The launch, at JW3 on Monday June 26.

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A watershed moment for the Corbyn regime - Baroness Ruth Deech in the Jewish Chronicle The Chakrabarti inquiry did not take up the core issue of the association of the left with hatred of Jews.

Book and documentary to launch on Labour's 'Whitewash' inquiry - Judith Ornstein in the Jewish Chronicle Jews were 'ignored' by Chakrabarti Report, claims anniversary documentary.

Robert Fine and Philip Spencer's book, Antisemitism and the Left This original and stimulating book traces the struggles within the Enlightenment, Marxism, critical theory and the contemporary left, seeking to rescue universalism from its repressive, antisemitic undertones.

The Spectator: The Labour Party has become institutionally antisemitic

From an eminent publisher:

"Perhaps congratulations should be mixed with commiserations and condemnations. Reading Whitewashed in one sitting yesterday left me with a very mixed set of emotions. It is a great and generous effort on your part - and that of your team of supporters - to have rounded up, edited and published Whitewashed. But I was deeply depressed by the thought of the painful sense of shame and rejection your contributors must have felt when their submissions were impersonally and offhandedly acknowledged and their evidence ignored or glossed over in the report of the Chakrabarti Inquiry. What a disgrace to not only the Labour Party's current leadership but to a warped and woefully ignorant slice of British intelligentsia."

"Among the many perceptions and arguments in the submissions, I am particularly impressed by those of some of the lesser known – to me at least – names: Noru Tsalic and Richard Gold. And Mark Gardner's account of the launch of the report makes it clear that it was an even more astoundingly shameful affair than I remember viewing on the TV reports."

"Oh dear. I can't remember a time when the leadership of this country across the whole political spectrum represented quite such a potentially toxic mess of mediocracy and mendaciousness. We are all threatened by the incompetence but I fully appreciate the fear and disappointment that is felt by the Jewish community when a mainstream party that should be for many their natural home can tolerate and probably promote an ancient, pervasive, evil and monumentally lethal prejudice."

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